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The photos that serve as banners at the top of pages are not identified directly, however they are (when able) identified within their original posting. Here are the credits to clarify the sources:

Maxwell-Gunter Cops Home Page, Top, Left to Right

Jay Johnson and Debbie (Backus) Ellison wave traffic through Gate #2 - 1979
(photo by Philip "J.P." Brown)

Maxwell/Gunter Pistol Rifle Team 1977
Left to Right: Ron Fellion, Steve Branyon, Gary Nickols,
Ralph Conner, Bill McCue, Jeff Connors
(clipping by Ron Fellion)

Main Gate, Gunter AFS, A1C Christine Clifford waves in traffic ~ 1977
(photo by USAF - provided by Bill McCue - scanned by Steve Branyon)

SP Badge
(courtesy Security Forces Museum Foundation)

History Page, Top, Left to Right

U.S. Army Air Forces "New MP Uniforms"
(clipping courtesy of the Security Forces Museum Foundation)

At Gr├╝nstadt in Germany - Air Policemen A2C Mariner and A1C JW Cook (38 APS) at the main gate of "C" Flight, 38 TMW, Summer of 1961. (APS - Air Police Squadron, TMW - Tactical Missile Wing)
(photo courtesy of John Cook ( ))

Killed En Transit - USAF SPs of the 56th SPS
(USAF photo by Boyd Belcher)

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